hashtag tidbits
YES!!  Hashtags are a thing and they are an important part of your social media activities in the digital space. What is a hashtag? Let's start here.  What is a hashtag?  It's that simple - a pound sign (#) with written text next to it and no spaces in between the words or pound sign.  Once this text is published on the social channels that support hashtags, it... Read More
Podcast to Expand Your Network
You might be thinking why and how would I want to start a podcast or even be on a podcast?  I'm going to break this down for you as easily as possible and then offer you some tools and resources to help you get started! Can we all agree that your brand is the image and/or impression in the mind of others about you.  Although you can't control what is happening in the mind of... Read More
The influence of social sharing on SEO rankings
If you want to see a lively discussion, gather a group of web designers or search engine optimization experts together, and ask them all together whether social engagement and sharing – viewers “liking” your posts, sharing them with their followers, commenting on them, etc. – boosts your search engine optimization. This has been a question of interest for many in the... Read More
Often the enthusiasts, artist, passionate hobbyists dreams of turning what he/she loves doing into a full-time successful business!  With the help of some fantastic Internet exposure, it was a dream come true for this lovely couple (Roxie + Tom) who own Frostbeard Studio - ok, I'll fess up, I know them because we are family.  Regardless, their story is definitely worth... Read More