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291: The Benefits of Building an ADA Compliant Website – with Mike Amatulli

Meet Mike   Growing tired of the corporate grind, Mike and his co-founder Kevin started their digital marketing agency, Prime Digital. Four and a half years later, Prime Digital helps small businesses all over the US and Canada attract more customers through search engine optimization, and web design, among other things. Going into 2021 they […]

290: Finding Your Rocket fuel To Become Unstoppable – with Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco

Meet Mike   Mike is the CEO of People Building Incorporated and the powerhouse behind the What Are You Made of Movement. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo Finance as one of the top business leaders to follow in 2020 and is […]

289: Starting a Business in The Rapidly Growing CBD Industry – with Susan Crews

Meet Susan   Susan lives life out loud, loves deeply, and celebrates when others shine bright. She’s the president and CEO of Huntsboro Hemp Company, a rapidly growing CBD company dedicated to producing high-quality products to help improve the well-being of customers globally. Susan is a trusted entrepreneur and sought-after speaker whose mission is to […]

288: The Power of Telling Your Story – with Shabnam Curtis

Meet Shabnam:   Shabnam, the author of My Persian Paradox was born and raised in Tehran until 2004. Shabnam teaches memoir writing workshops and has been performing lectures to colleges and universities about her book and the concept of sharing stories. She actively practices a variety of storytelling workshops to help people develop deeper empathy […]

287: Advocating For Inclusivity In Hockey – with Meghan Duggan

Meet Meghan:   Meghan is a native of Danvers, Massachusetts who has achieved sustained success at all levels of her hockey career in international and collegiate play. Meghan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in biology and was a member of the women’s hockey team where she won three national championships. She […]

286: Providing Value That Deepens Connections – with Glenn Allen

Meet Glenn   Glen Allen is the go-to CMO of digital course launches. As a multi-instrumental musician turned marketing consultant, he helps entrepreneurs scale five to seven-figure businesses by consulting them and their team through marketing and launching digital courses. He’s the host of the Glen Ellyn Show, a YouTube channel about digital marketing, and […]

285: Live a Life True to Yourself – with Kristen Becker

Meet Kristen    Kristen is a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner mindset specialist, trained under Bob Proctor curriculum developer, college professor, and passionate life enthusiastic. She brings all of these skills and experiences to help people define and live their vision in life. Not box-checking goals, but vision, the kind of vision that makes your heart […]

284: Networking Authentically and Honestly – with Elzie Flenard & Lorry Rifkin

Meet Elzie:   Change your perspective and he’ll lead you down another path, maybe without you even realizing it. He’s a creative dude, an entrepreneur, a family man, a business owner, no box fits, it doesn’t even exist. He’s a man of original thoughts, all products of unique thinking. Above all else, he is a […]

283: Using SEO to Outrank your Competition – With Damon Burton

Meet Damon:   Since founding his company SEO National in 2007, Damon Burton Writes for Forbes has been featured in publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, BuzzFeed, and USA Weekly. He’s helped high-profile clients make more in a month than they used to in a year. Not only does Burton bring an easy to follow approach to […]

282: How Our Subconscious Affects How We Do Business – with Cyrina Talbott

Meet Cyrina:   As a business mindset coach and rapid transformational therapist Cyrina is passionate about helping business owners understand how to navigate growth. Their business is leading them to a place that is amazing, but also unfamiliar. Her work focuses on mindset and becoming confident to step into the next level, bringing you scientifically […]