003: How a breakfast event can turn into a large network with Stacy Kaat

About Stacy Kaat

Stacy Kaat is the owner of Stacy Kaat Photography. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs create personal brand photographs that express their unique personality and style so that they can attract their ideal customers!

Stacy acquired her BFA at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and has been photographing people for over twenty years. Besides her ability to find fun in almost anything, she loves the outdoors, likes to grow food, walk her dog, kayak, converse over a good food, coffee or wine, read, collaborate and be creative anytime she gets the opportunity. 


What is personal branding?

·         “It’s really who you are, what you do, what’s your style, and your personality all wrapped up into how you present yourself online and in person.”

Who needs a personal brand?

·         “Almost anyone should have one especially if you’re selling something, have a website, or are even just on LinkedIn.”

Share with us one of your best networking stories

·         “The first networking event I went to was a breakfast meeting and I sat next to a wonderful woman who ended up showing me all kinds of different networking events that helped me succeed.”

How do you stay in front of your network or community?

·         “Being connected to them on social media is so helpful so I know that works well but I also think it’s probably one of the most effective ways to stay active within your community.”

What advice do you have for business professionals looking to grow their networks?

·         “Getting involved with or helping out at networking organizations is really great to meet people and it’s really important to find the groups you like, that you can feel connected to.”

Digital networking or traditional networking?

·         “I think they’re both really valuable, right now the physical, traditional methods have been the most effective but social media helps it because those are commonly people I don’t see all the time.”

If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career?

·         “I think I would set more goals and stick with them. Listen less to what other people say and listen more to your heart.”

Who would you love to connect with and do you think you could do it within 7 degrees?

·         “You know, there’s no one in particular but Oprah comes to mind. I think if I wanted to connect with her I think I would follow everything she does, her website, blog, social media, etcetera and it could be done.”

What book are you reading right now?

·         “I’m actually reading two books, ‘Naked Marketing’ by Robert Grede and the other is ‘Beyond the Obvious’ by Phil McKiney.”

Any final words of advice for our listeners?

·         “The biggest thing is to be authentic with yourself online and in person; come up with three different things you want to be known for and keep everything in line with those three things.”

Share with us one of your best networking stories?


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