019: Focusing on relationships and adding value with Frank Walter

About Frank Walter

Frank is an executive coach for CEOs, presidents, and leadership professionals. When digging through his LinkedIn profile I found this really interesting statement that I will be asking him about,


“I’m committed to inspiring, encouraging, and motivating others to do what they say they want to do.”


Tell me about the statement on your LinkedIn profile

·         “Siamon Senek who wrote the book, ‘Start With Why’ was in town and he was encouraging everyone to figure out why we do what we do and when I looked at that I came up with the idea of inspiring or encouraging people to do what they want to do.”

Share with us one of your best networking stories

·         “There’s an attorney in town who’s given me names of people he thinks I should know and he’s probably given me 50 people that he thinks I should talk to for both my advantage and his advantage.”

How do you stay in front of your network or community?

·         “I try to spend time on LinkedIn getting in touch with people but I also try and do it the old fashion way, talking to them face to face. It’s really just establishing value with people in your community.”

What advice do you have for business professionals looking to grow their networks?

·         “Add value to other people’s lives, do that first and then usually you won’t even have to ask for referrals, they’ll just spontaneously do it.”

Digital networking or traditional networking?

·         “I think people really like being in person like we are here right now but having said that, the reach social media provides is amazing, just amazing.

If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career?

·         “I probably would’ve told myself to start my own business instead of working for someone else.”

Who would you love to connect with and do you think you could do it within 7 degrees?

·         “Have been in the IT world my whole life I would really like to meet a guy like Bill Gates and I’d assume we’re connected to some degree.”

What book are you reading right now?

·         “Right now, I’m reading a book called ‘Think Fast Think Slow’ and it has to do with the difference between the two parts of our brain that comprehends things really quickly and the part of our brain that has to put things together and into context.”

Any final words of advice for our listeners??

·         “Just focus on the relationship that you have and add value to people! If it works for me it will work for most people.”


You can get in contact with Frank Walter at:

You can give Frank a call at: 414 – 587 - 0125