023: The power of simply meeting someone new with Joe Konop

About Joe Konop

I love helping people with their resumes. While many other writers approach resumes from a human resources point of view, I work differently. I am a marketing writer with more than 20 years of experience, highlighting products' most important selling points and conveying them in an attractive, appealing manner.


Everyone has a personal career story to tell, and unique qualities to offer an employer. We’ll work together, find out what you have to offer, and create a resume and other documents that employers won’t be able to resist.


Why would people want to go to a resume writer?

·         “Having a good resume is just critical for expanding your career and moving it forward. Some people think they’re pretty good at writing their resume and some people are not! Writing is hard, it’s not a skill that everyone has and writing a resume has its own style and best practices and it’s good to have someone who’s on top of all those trends working in your corner!”


What information are you looking for when you talk to your clients?

·         “Putting together a resume is a lot more than just reformatting the information that’s on there. When I speak with an individual, I find out a lot about what that person is actually going through and soon we get into the different things that they have to offer.”


What advice would you give a job hunter in today’s market?

·         “First, take the time to get all of your documents and your job hunting system set. Get your resume and cover letter set so you can get them out quickly and efficiently but still share a powerful message. After that, never give up. Keep working and working and don’t give up, don’t lose faith.”


Share with us one of your best networking stories

·         “A few years back I was out working the room at a program and I met a guy named Greg. A particularly nice guy but we didn’t have anything common in business and the cool thing about him was that he was the type of guy who would network and get to know people because he enjoyed it. Come to find out afterward, Greg had suffered from a medical condition that stopped him from driving and getting out and doing things. He was just eating up the opportunity to meet people and enjoying it instead of dreading having to do it!”


How do you stay in front of your network or community?

·         “Well, it’s always good to get in front of them in person and also online through things like LinkedIn, which I think is a very underutilized social network,”


What advice do you have for business professionals looking to grow their networks?

·         “I like the balance of growing your LinkedIn network and if someone does connect with you, send them a message and ask them an intriguing question or an open-ended question”!


Digital networking or traditional networking?

·         “I think that they’re both unique and valuable and different and they should be treated as such. Just like my kids though, I can’t imagine things with only one or the other.”


Why do you think networking is a bit of a lost art?

·         “I want to say it’s because of the digital networking, they use that as a replacement for getting out and meeting people. It’s just the way things are going, why go to the store when Amazon can do it for you. I think that as a society, we’re spending too much time on Facebook and a lot less time in face-to-face conversation.”


If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career?

·         “On the topic of networking, I think I would tell myself to not only relish meeting more people but to also maintain those relationships throughout the years and continue to follow those people. It’s also important to reach outside of your professional level in your age group to hear what everyone has to say.”


What book are you reading right now?

·         “I’m going through two books, personally I’m reading ‘Unbroken’ and I’m also getting into a book that someone recommended to me on LinkedIn, ‘Digital Bacon: Make your Online Presence Irresistibly Attractive.’


Any final words of advice for our listeners?

·         “Always meet someone new. It’s good to maintain your network but don’t be afraid of meeting someone new.”


You can get in contact with Joe at:

Email him at, Joe@OneGreatResume.com