121: You never know what the person on the other end is like - with Marty Gilbert

About Marty Gilbert

Marty Gilbert is the Founder and CEO of the NorthShore Executive Networking Group, Chicago’s largest job search networking & coaching company. The organization is comprised of over 4,000 members… there are 5 new individuals each day... & 10 members landing new jobs each week. Marty brings a wealth of job search coaching experience for middle and senior level professionals & his efforts have helped over 1,000 individuals to land new careers.


I understand that you recently produced a 3-minute video on your ‘What the hell’ approach to the job search. What is the approach about and how does networking figure into it?

“So, so much about the job search is really putting yourself out there. And that’s probably where most people have the most difficult time. It’s about taking chances and doing things a little bit outside of your comfort zone.”


What do you think is the hardest part of networking for most people?

“It’s getting people to really break out of their comfort zone.”


What role does networking play in helping you grow your business?

“we’ve recently just passed the 4000 mark and its been all organic. Its all been through networking, people come to a meeting and they like what they experience, they like the speakers… and they go off and tell two people…”


Can you share one of your most successful or favorite networking story/experience that you’ve had?

“it’s the power of introductions, personal introductions. So, I regularly bring a keynote speaker, to talk on any range of different subjects related to the job search… but every speaker that I have brought in front of the group, I’ve got a portfolio now of about 40 of them. Have all been through people who introduced me to folks.”


How do you stay in front or best nurture your network community?

“I try to make myself as visible as I can. And I know I can’t physically be everywhere, and that’s where the digital piece is so important. So, I do with regularity, make my presence known on LinkedIn.”


What advice would you offer to the business professional who is looking to grow their network?

“I think it really starts with knowing very clearly who you are, and what value you bring. Because, the question often times we are all asked, is not unique to just job search. Tell me a little bit about yourself? Who are you? We all get asked that in social events…”


Digital networking or traditional networking?

“you know you can’t separate the two, at least I can’t. They both have such a significant importance and a very critical play in any aspect of networking.”


If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career?

“…I was one to take chances. I had a lot of international experience early on in life. And had an opportunity to travel, throughout Europe for seven months and that ultimately lead to a job in Japan…”


What book are you reading right now?

“I will tell you upfront, I am not a reader of books. I’m a magazine guy. There’re only two magazines that I am absolutely dedicated to. One is Sports Illustrated; the other is National Geographic. I just don’t have the patience to sit down and read books at lengths.”


Any final words of advice for our listeners?

“networking, you never stop. It’s a never-ending process…”


You can get in contact with Marty at:

Email: martygilbert1@gmail.com


Website: http://nsenginc.com/