123: If you aren't organized you are overwhelmed - with Melissa Blettner

About Melissa Blettner


What are the essential skills that female entrepreneurs should learn and apply that you used in growing your former company?

“…I think one of those essential skills is organization. Another essential skill, as I like to call it, goal getting mastering. That is really focusing in on your goals but dreaming big because that is what Dream Big Academy is all about…”


How does networking play a role in building an entrepreneurial business?

“you can network through online opportunities and in person. But what it comes down to regardless of whether you choose online or in person its important that you connect with people.”


What tips could you give for stepping out of your comfort zone and start networking?

“call one of your friends that you haven’t seen in a while… just go to a coffee one on one with them and then see if that person wants to go to a networking event with you. Because then the two of you are going in and that’s a little bit easier.”


Can you share with me your most successful or favorite networking story/experience that you’ve had?

“I was growing my network online, and I joined an online Facebook group called Wisconsin Women helping Women Entrepreneurs. So, I joined that group and the leader of the group invited me to introduce myself. And her name was Melissa Wheeler Blair…”


How do you stay in front or best nurture your network community?

“I have a Facebook group called Business Coaching the Entrepreneur. And in there it’s a place where you collaborate, see different information and tips like that…”


What advice would you offer to the business professional who is looking to grow their network?

“There’re three things I’m really recommending. One is, get uncomfortable. If you are going to network and put yourself out there it's not going to be comfortable. But that’s where the beauty is and that’s where the magic happens.”


Digital networking or traditional networking?

“I think its equal. One of the things that’s a challenge for a lot of people right now is, your business can really blow up if you have that ability to blow that up online.”


If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career?

“I always went after what my heart saw as I should be doing. I always strapped in and held on, and which is probably one of the ways I got through a 20-year career with the same company.”


We’ve all heard of the 6 degrees of separation… Now, who would be the one person you’d love to connect with and do you think you could do it within the 6th degree?

“I think id really like to meet Richard Branson. He’s an innovator, Virgin has always been that edgy brand that is just like to the top…”


What book are you reading right now?

“one is Dale Carnegie’s, How to Win Friends and Influence People… And the other one which is really a foundation for a lot of the training that I do is, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.”


Any final words of advice for our listeners?

“One is to be consistent. Be consistent in your messaging, in your timing, your delivery, your brand, be consistent. In regard to networking, being kind, being humble and being thankful…”


You can get in contact with Melissa at:

Website: Learntodreambig.com


Facebook: Melissa Blettner