241: Be willing to try new things - with Jennifer White

Meet Jennifer White

Jennifer began her career as an engineer and combines analytical ingenuity with a talent for leadership. With a decade of professional experience informing her expertise in supply chain strategy and process and systems design, Jennifer is a talented communicator with a passion for motivating clients to transform their assumptions and achieve high performance. She is known for applying her sharp analytical skills to develop innovative solutions.

So what is a business transformation?

Business transformation is essentially a change management initiative. So we typically walk our clients here at the MJW group from a current state to their ideal future state. And we focus on four essential levers which is people, processes, data, and technology. So within those four levers, whatever you're trying to change it normally will impact one of those four essential operations.

Let's talk a little bit more about people, process, data, and technology. Why are those so important to business?

People are your greatest asset. It is important to have people available and willing to do the work that your company provides services for. People hold keys, people hold a lot of knowledge. They hold the magic is usually what I call it. Processes are what everyone follows. It's beating to the same drumbeat. There isn't confusion. Data is being the funnel of your business. You have inputs of data and you have outputs of data. You need it to understand how well your company is operating. They provide key insights into certain metrics and criteria to really understand your business in general. Without data, we would have no idea how much money we're making, how many clients we're supporting. And technology is important because without technology now in 2020, we wouldn't really survive the amount of manual transactions that one may be doing. Without technology it would really cramp your people. I mean, they would not want to operate that way. So it's very important to have the right technology embedded in your operations and your business to keep everything going consistently.

How exactly do you help businesses, especially those that have been around for many years?

Well, one thing I'll say is we help you increase profit. And we do that through expense reduction in automation. So obviously, with technology, it's going to increase the amount of automation within your business say, if your accounting department was doing invoices by hand, you know before and now you've brought in a tool that can assist them with automating invoices and sending it to the client without you having to send it yourself via email. I mean, that's a huge transformation. Also, as far as a transformation goes, with expense reduction, think about the redundancies that happen in roles and responsibilities. So if you don't take the time to really deep dive into what your people are doing, you could be paying for two or three roles that are creating the same work.

I'm hoping that you can share with our listeners one of your favorite or most successful networking experiences that you've had.

I would say on the social media sites I've really upped my game during this pandemic. That's how you and I met, right? And I've just really opened and expanded my horizons to learning from other people and just being open and willing to have conversations more than I ever have. And it has led to some great partnerships and collaboration. But otherwise just having more of the face to face networking in person I was limited to local areas or regional areas and now, being more open on social media has allowed me to connect with people all over the world. And it's a game changer. I can totally see the difference in what I'm doing and it's made a big impact on our business.

How do you make sure you stay in front of them best nurture these relationships that you've created?

Recently I've taken on developing more of a content marketing strategy. For our business, where, to me, it's mainly getting in front of our ideal clients, the experiences that we've had in the MJW group and why you should trust us with your business transformation or proving your processes or continuous improvement initiative. Content Marketing allows us to take a recap of where we've been and what we've gone through and highlight how we can help our ideal clients with those same struggles.

What advice would you offer the business professional who is looking to grow their network?

Just get out there, just have an open mind and open yourself up so you can expand. I can't tell you how much it's helped us grow and put us in front of people that I never would have thought about connecting with or offering value to them and them offering value to me at the same time. Just be open and willing to try new things is most important right now. As we shift into kind of going back to old ways don't do that. Be different. I challenge everyone to be different.

Between digital networking and traditional networking, which one do you find more value in?

I like both but I would say digital because I've been in it now for a good four months almost. I feel people are a little bit more genuine, digitally, or virtual access to people whereas in-person, you're against time constraints, sometimes. There's an agenda that's preset if it's a meeting or a guest speaker sometimes in person and you may not have a lot of time for networking, and then you're exchanging numbers and information. I think the digital transformation that's happening is kind of keeping people more accountable. You're being forced to look at your calendar more, you're being forced to do things online more so it's in your face more often than when it was networking in person when you may lose track of that person's information per se.

When you were 20 years old, what would you tell yourself to do more of, less of, or differently with regards to your professional career?

More of listening, less thinking I know the answer all the time. Being more willing to expand and learn new things not being afraid to learn new things.

We've all heard of the six degrees of separation, who would be the one person that you'd love to connect with? And do you think you could do it within the sixth degree?

One of my favorite mentors in my head is Jim Rohn. But I just fell in love When I first heard him speak on audio tape. And I listened to him quite frequently and the things that he was talking about in the 70s and 80s and 90s are still they still are true today. He left us a gift. And one thing I learned from him that I adopted is journaling and keeping all of your journals. I remember in a lecture he spoke about how his kids would have access to all of his journals once he passed away. And so for the last three years, every one of my journals that I've completed, I've made sure to keep them somewhere where they wouldn't get ruined and they will be intact for my future generations.

Do you have any final word or advice for listeners with regards to growing and supporting your network?

As I mentioned before, just have an open mind because when you open yourself up to learn from others, you will start expanding your own growth personally and within your business as well. I always teach people to educate and inspire someone else. So if it's your team always be looking for opportunities to educate and inspire them to want to do the same thing. Willingness to learn and be open and have an awareness. So if you know what I'm doing, how does it impact the next person and if you focused on that your business will continually grow.

How to connect with Jennifer:

Email: jennifer@themjwgrp.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifermw/