278: Combining Health and Wealth - with Grace Chang

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Coming from almost three decades and alternative healing, Grace is currently merging permanent health and wealth solutions to create a platform for metamorphosis. She shows individuals and businesses how to thrive using potent tools to evaluate wellness potential.


You talk about permanent healing in your messaging, what exactly is that?


Yeah, so you know, the way that I've been creating permanent healing with people is essentially, as a Sherpa, sharing tools with people who basically can use that to then create this internal alchemy, using vocalizations of sounds in different parts of the body and micro-movements to open up energetic channels. What I've noticed is that when people get these tools that they can use to shift their biochemistry, consciously. The basis for permanent healing really lies in that change in that internal terrain, where it is about accessing their DNA where they can turn it on and off at will and essentially be able to rewrite that genetic material. So that, to me, is really the foundation of where it needs to begin.


So I read you talk about combining health and wealth, can you share a little bit about why and how you decided to combine those in your professional journey?


Yeah, you know, it's really through my own personal journey through COVID and I'm sure a lot of people are impacted as well, along with myself. It's understanding and seeing wow, you know, through COVID, because my practice in Hilo was really very one with people. I do the testing where, yes, I'm tracking their biochemical changes that they're creating with these practices that I teach them and then being able to see the long term impacts on their cellular structure itself, in the blood. And through COVID, having to close down my own private practice really allowed me to transition on to a bigger platform and realizing where the other piece of the puzzle needed to be is. I can be the healthiest person on planet Earth, but without resources, we can't even meet our basic needs. From there, it's wanting to create impact, because that is really part of the meaning of life, for me, at least. So working on that healing piece of the financial piece of my life allowed me to then be able to access some potent tools that now I'm able to shift people's financial trajectory by teaching them essentially tools that the wealthy have always had and created for themselves, and now being able to use that for themselves in their own lives.


I think there's a lot of truth to combining health and wealth. Would you put a prioritization on one over the other?


You know, it's interesting, right? As you look at these two pieces of the puzzle, it's like I can be the wealthiest person without that health piece. I'm literally dead in the water, right? You can't do anything without that piece. And so they're really critical and practical pieces of life that we need to have both of them as that springboard from that space of having both of those pieces in place to be able to bring our soul gifts to the rest of the collective. For me personally, it really is about that collective transformation, because every single soul is precious. So when we can hold that space, and have these basic things in place for people to manifest from, that's really the only place that we can work with in terms of that foundation.


Can you share with our listeners, one of your most successful or favorite networking experiences that you've had?


So since COVID, what I started doing was really, you know, this is how you and I met too Lori is actually through LinkedIn. So that's mainly my platform in terms of networking, and what I'm doing on LinkedIn really is just reaching out for connections and getting to know people in my network and hopping on one on one calls, and really just meeting face to face if we can to engage all the senses. Through COVID, we can't meet in person, for sure now, as much as we have in the past. In fact, it's quite limited. So this is a really great way for me to basically get to know the other person and see how we can basically support each other, and continue to deepen that relationship and that bond and see how we can basically collaborate, like on this podcast together and make powerful introductions or whatnot. And that person is basically now in my awareness. We can use these connections to enlarge and to include other people as well, in that vortex of influence.


As you've continued to expand your network, how do you nurture these relationships that you are cultivating?


For me, there are certain people that I vibrate with or resonate with better, and it's creating these friendships over time and supporting each other that way. It's interesting, every time that I get on these calls with someone, either it is a monthly call, or you know, bi-weekly call kind of thing. And you just deepen and deepen in terms of just exchanges and interactions, you get to know them more and you get to see aspects of them that perhaps on the first initial meeting, you never knew about this person. So that's what I love most in terms of that continuation of that bond, of that connection, and adding elements to it and seeing how we can add value to each other's lives and how we can contribute. So that's really my focus in any of these connections with anyone.


What advice would you offer a business professional who's looking to grow their network?


Just the heart is really what it's about, right? And it's really about opening your own heart so that you can then be available to, first of all, make that connection. And then second of all being available to add value to someone else's life, so I always start from that heart space. It's about giving first, and it's always about giving first and nurturing these relationships that basically will lead to other things. That's really the part that I love about networking the most is about these friendships that you get to build with people and collaborations as well down the line.


Let's go back to your 20-year-old self, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of or differently with regards to your professional career?


OMG, that's such a great question! As I'm looking at my kids’ lives, right? My son Donald is 23, and my daughter, Jessica's 20. What a different life that they get to have because they had the freedom in terms of to self discover. So when we moved to Hawaii on the Big Island, I decided to homeschool and this is them coming from the public school arena. We were living in California prior to moving to Hawaii and so through that self-learning process, both the kids have become really, really independent. In fact, Donald tried college for a semester, and basically came back and said, "Mom, thanks a lot, but this is really not for me." So both he and his sister started their own business and so that's what's happening right now they get to explore pieces of themselves that are in this free space, where I just get to support their soul journey in terms of just that self-discovery. Looking back at my 20-year-old, I would say to her, "You know, Gracie, look inside, because all the answers are really there, and it's all inside of your heart, and just follow that."


Who would be the one person that you definitely want to connect with and do you think you can do it within the six degrees of separation?


Yeah, interesting, you should ask that six degrees, right. And that's why I love networking, it's because you just don't know who's gonna lead you to who and what kind of connections can happen. So I'm actually just open to making connections with people and building friendships. I love meeting other consultants and coaches in the health arena, or even the wealth arena because we would have some commonality there in terms of speaking. Ultimately it's really meeting that person in their heart right, kind of like you and I, Lori, we met we had a blast, have a conversation and understood what you're creating in your world. And, you know, a brand new thing to me right marketing, it's like, wow I get to see what Lori is doing and what she is creating for herself in terms of all these years and your aspirations and things like that. So I'm always interested in terms of just these open doors for connecting. 


Do you have any final word or advice for our listeners with regards to growing and supporting your network?


Besides the heart piece, it's really staying open, because you just don't know what the universe wants to bring you and knowing and seeing each encounter as a gift, in a sense of, okay, what is this encounter, or this visitation going to bring about and not even with an expectation, but really is like, how is the divine going to show up in this particular visit with me, and who's showing up for gifting me with a lesson with something that I need to learn or just something that I need to see in myself. So that's been a true gift. It was something that I heard from my spiritual and health mentor. I heard from one of his recordings this weekend because my mind and heart was just open to hear it and it's been such a blessing, that I've been using just the beginning of this week meeting with all the people that I'm scheduled to meet with this week, so really grateful for that.


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