A twenty-year veteran of marketing, branding and entrepreneurship—and founder of the Milwaukee-based digital agency Keystone Click—Lori knows first-hand what it is like to be overwhelmed by options in the marketing world. As a young marketer, Lori found that when it came to digital marketing, she had to connect the dots herself, on the job. This learning journey gave her a lifelong passion for helping others sort through their own bewildering array of digital promotion options and find ones that work for them.

Learning by doing gave Lori a unique passion to share the learning process with others. Over the years, she solidified a unique approach to digital marketing that specializes in educating clients as partners in the process. Lori and her team also emphasize that the basics of marketing are far more important than fads. “I tell clients, don’t worry about all the new stuff popping up,” says Lori. “Stick to the core values, and we’ll be fine.” In 2008, she founded Keystone Click to deliver digital marketing based on this conviction. She has since grown an eclectic team of talent who can manage every aspect of a client’s online promotion.

Today, Lori balances her time between leading vision and sales for Keystone Click, and sharing her expertise in many marketing forums for curious, motivated professionals and entrepreneurs. Lori enjoys meeting her audience wherever they are at in their self- or business-promotional journeys. She teaches them how to connect their unique vision with the right tools, people and ideas to market it effectively online. Clients and event attendees alike prize her calm, no-nonsense approach, as well as the vast network of resources she can point them toward to accelerate their success.

Lori received her master’s degree in business administration from Cardinal Stritch University. She speaks and blogs on the topics of social media, e-commerce, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. 

Fun Facts About Lori

  • Lori is a huge hockey fan (plays ice hockey and loves watching it)
  • She has driven a Zamboni before
  • Lori is Advanced Open Water SCUBA Certified
  • She has two short-haired miniature daschunds (with a daschund tattoo on her wrist)
  • Lori was the 2013 Bravo! Entrepreneur Award Recipient from BizTimes Magazine
  • In high school, Lori won the Scholastic Golden Key award for an acrylic painting
  • She has over 60 items of Batman memorabilia
  • Lori helped create the curriculum for the Social Media Marketing program at Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • She is also an adjunct professor at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee campus, teaching B2B Marketing
  • Lori is a Certified Economic Gardening Social Media Specialist