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295: Elevating Your Personal Brand DNA – with Suzanne Tulien

Meet Suzanne    Suzanne notices a variety of creative ways people are branding themselves, both consciously and unconsciously, but is a successful business brand that results from powerful marketing. When the hype subsides, what keeps a good brand going strong? What is the real secret to consistent brand growth and advocacy? With over two and […]

294: Learning To Operate Without Fear and Doubt – with William Deck

Meet William    William has over 10 years of consulting, coaching, sales, leadership, and workforce development experience. His calling is to help individuals and businesses awaken their hidden potential by educating them on the mental success principles that have been articulated by all major cultures over the past 5000 years. He has infused these universal […]

293: The 3 C’s of Personal Branding – with Jamila Bannister

Meet Jamila   Jamila is a personal branding strategist and coach from Trinidad and Tobago. She works with entrepreneurs who want to market their businesses by leading from the front with thought leadership and personal branding. She focuses on helping people create strong personal brands by improving three big C’s. They are shifting mindsets and […]

292: Working To Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back To The USA – with Harry Moser

Meet Harry   He is the founder of The Reshoring Initiative after being president of GF Machining Solutions for 22 years. Awards include Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame, he’s participated actively in President Obama’s January 11, 2012, Insourcing Forum, member of the Department of Commerce Investment Advisory Council. He’s frequently been quoted in the […]