Getting your product listed on Buzzfeed will make your business ignite – at least thats what happened for these candlemakers.

Often the enthusiasts, artist, passionate hobbyists dreams of turning what he/she loves doing into a full-time successful business!  With the help of some fantastic Internet exposure, it was a dream come true for this lovely couple (Roxie + Tom) who own Frostbeard Studio – ok, I’ll fess up, I know them because we are family.  Regardless, their story is definitely worth reading about.

In 2015, I had the awesome pleasure of not only visiting their studio (which was in expansion mode for the 3rd time I think), but got to create my own candles while asking them a few questions about how their business grew.

Let’s start with the candle making process!

To get started, one must determine what they want their candle to smell like!  Lots of oils and fragrances to choose from – this was a fun process and I ultimately decided on some citrus options!

Then you select the color that you want your candle to be!  Melt some wax, with your color chunks and pour in the fragrance that was selected.

Fun part was using the little gun to plant the wick on the bottom of the glass jar!  Then you pour the hot wax into the jar, use the four prong wick stabilizer (I’m not sure if thats what its called, but sounds good to me) and let the wax sit for a few hours – now this is where it gets really exciting!  Since we needed to wait, it just so happens that a small brewery is just down the street from their studio, so we had to sample the beers.  Head back to the studio and tada – CANDLES!

Buzzfeed, Etsy, and More!

The couple started the company in 2012 as a pottery studio.  With the lack of “library scented” candles available, Roxie had the idea to make her own.  While originally selling all items either at local farmers markets and on their Etsy shop, the pottery was selling, but the candles literally ignited their business once Buzzfeed got a hold of their product line.  In December 2013, Buzzfeed compiled and published a list of “24 Insanely Clever Gifts for Book Lovers“, half way down the list at lucky number 13, you’ll find the Frostbeard Studio candle “Old Books” – which as of today, has over 13,000 5-Star reviews on Etsy.  Congrats Roxie + Tom!

Etsy has published about Frostbeard Studio on their blog at least twice now!  First in the “Great Mother’s Day Gift Hunt” and second in “Editors’ Pick: Great Gifts for Dad“.  

And if you do a quick Google for Frostbeard Studio you’ll find lots and lots of great articles raving about the book candles., Minnesota Public Radio, as well as many bloggers and book enthusiast have written about the passion that Roxie + Tom excude in their love of reading and candles. 

Connect with Frostbeard Studio:

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