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Building your Business with Social Media

As of February 1, 2018, there are 2.13 billion monthly active users on Facebook.  December 2017 showed that 1.4 billion people log onto Facebook daily.  This is just one of the many social channels available to display your offering.  Social media needs to be part of your branding strategy.  It will help you to build […]

Automation & Scheduling Tools to make your life easier

Most of us strive to find the efficient ways to get things done.  Lots of resources are available to create those efficiencies.  It’s simply a matter of investing the time to get them set-up!   Here are some of my favorite tools for automating processes.   Mixmax – A plugin for the Chrome browser that […]

Why is personal branding important to me?

Personal Branding Simplified

Great question. I’m promoting it and I’m really advocating that everyone take a vested interest in their own personal brand, but I’m sure you are curious as to why is it important to me? Here’s my story. When I started my business, I was annoyed that people were sharing my name and not my business’s […]

Does social sharing influence your SEO ranking?

If you want to see a lively discussion, gather a group of web designers or search engine optimization experts together, and ask them all together whether social engagement and sharing – viewers “liking” your posts, sharing them with their followers, commenting on them, etc. – boosts your search engine optimization. This has been a question […]