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How is B2B marketing different in 2021? Digital Marketing Radio

In episode 230 of Digital Marketing Radio, David Bain connects with Lori Highby on how B2B marketing has changed over the past few years and specifically what works best in 2021. We’ll discuss the essential elements of marketing research, how to understand your target customer in 2021 and how to create content that generates leads.

How to Blog

If there’s one form of content that’s the easiest for the average company or individual to produce, it’s a blog. Every business should have a blog on their website, even if you don’t believe that a blog makes sense in your industry.   The truth is that businesses in any industry can benefit from an […]

The B2B Buyers Search Path

A couple years ago, Google conducted major research that is extremely significant to the Business-to-Business industry. The Changing Face of B2B Marketing was published in March of 2015, but the information they compiled is still relevant. If anything, the data points are of greater impact today than they were a few years ago. The article covers 5 […]

Building your Business with Social Media

As of February 1, 2018, there are 2.13 billion monthly active users on Facebook.  December 2017 showed that 1.4 billion people log onto Facebook daily.  This is just one of the many social channels available to display your offering.  Social media needs to be part of your branding strategy.  It will help you to build […]

Automation & Scheduling Tools to make your life easier

Most of us strive to find the efficient ways to get things done.  Lots of resources are available to create those efficiencies.  It’s simply a matter of investing the time to get them set-up!   Here are some of my favorite tools for automating processes.   Mixmax – A plugin for the Chrome browser that […]