The PR Maven Podcast interviews Lori Highby

In this episode:

The value of face-to-face marketing
What move changed Lori’s credibility
Leveraging video and technology
Examples of measuring marketing success
“The more diverse that your network is, the richer that you are as a human being as far as value you can bring to others.” — Lori Highby, President/Owner, Keystone Click

Highlights from this episode:

4:09 – What compelled Lori to choose her career in marketing
6:50 – What Lori would have done differently in college
8:49 – The biggest move that changed Lori’s business and credibility
11:36 – The power of videos and podcasting for business
24:10 – The importance of networking and creating an inner circle
26:56 – The value of content creation and building your brand reputation

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