Should my Business be on Facebook?

Is it worth it for my business to be on Facebook? This is a question that I hear multiple times a month coming from clients and other small business owners. Especially after the recent Facebook algorithm change, people are wary to take the time to consistently post quality content if their reach is dwindling by the day.

I hate to give away the answer so quickly, but the bottom line is, YES! Your business absolutely needs to have a presence on one of the most popular social networking sites in the world!

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, a Facebook presence helps you connect with current and potential customers on a more personal level as well as giving you the opportunity to increase your credibility in the digital space.


B2B Opportunity  

Many B2B business owners don’t think that Facebook is worth their time since they don’t believe that their target audience is on social media. That couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter if someone is buying a lawnmower or the raw materials needed to build a lawnmower, they’re both going to the same place when they have questions that need answering – the internet.   


Make sure that you’re getting in front of your potential customers by constantly posting relevant content that answers frequently asked questions and solves common issues. This is also a great opportunity to build relationships and interact with an audience that might be neglected by other businesses in your industry.


Boosted Posts and Paid Advertising

Having a presence on Facebook used to be a no-brainer since it was basically a free advertising platform for your business. You still were able to get a large organic reach with comparably little effort. Now with the changes to the Facebook algorithm which limit posts from business accounts, this is becoming a thing of the past. You have to pay to play.


There’s no need to drop hundreds of advertising dollars on Facebook ads per month. Boosting a post for 10 dollars or so can be a worthwhile supplement to your current organic reach without breaking the bank.


Credibility and Reviews

Have you ever done research on a business only to find that they didn’t have a large presence on the internet? A lack of a Facebook account might not have been a deal breaker, but more is better in this regard. The more outlets that you’re using to distribute your message, the better the chances that the right person is going to see it. It’s also another channel for your current customers to post reviews so that others can be assured that you’re credible, trustworthy and an expert in your field.