074: Passion, mission, and integrity gets you in front of your audience with Tammy Flynn

About Tammy Flynn

Networker, motivator, change-maker, Tammy Flynn is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who never stops. Since she started her career at the age of 15, she’s launched and run more than four businesses, including direct sales beauty products, a salon and spa, an events company, and most recently, The OnAir Advocate, which supports, empowers and educates caregivers. A consummate networker, Tammy unites people while inspiring them to share their time, talent and energy with the community.


Tell me more about the OnAir Advocate? (1:35)

“The OnAir Advocate is an online platform that is used to provide support, empowerment, and education for all of those with different abilities, mental and medical illnesses and their caregivers.”


What inspired you to start your career at such an early age? (4:00)

“I would have to say there was a couple of things. I always say when the need is great. So, I came from very, very, humble beginnings. And so, when you need something not that you just want it, it makes you hustle harder…”


Not only are you a successful entrepreneur, you’ve made a strong commitment to your family. How do you juggle it all? (12:48)

“I think the biggest thing would be in organization and time management.”


Share with us one of your best networking stories (16:11)

“All of those events when you talk about over 300 business owners. You know, over the period of time, were all through networking…”


How do you stay in front of your network or community? (32:25)

“You need to have some face time… That connection and that bond will not stay the same if you are not face to face.”




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