075: Surrounding yourself with the experts with Melissa Blair

About Melissa Blair

Melissa Blair is the owner of Cultivating Sales, which provides an all-in-one business tool for micro companies. Having grown up with entrepreneurial parents and then having had her own business for 11 years, she understands what an average day looks like to a micro business owner. Too few hours for too long of a to-do list! Most business software solutions that could help, are far too complex and expensive. Her new software is built specifically to assist the overworked micro business owner.


What is a micro business and how is it different from a small business? (0:55)

“Companies are thought of as being a small business, that could be from 1 to 500 people. That’s a big range. And so, with micro companies what we’re looking at is those that are 5 employees are fewer.”


Why are you so passionate about micro businesses? (2:20)

“That background of having seen, how it is everything to a small business owner. That is everything that they do, its 24 hours a day they are thinking about it and working it and their families usually end up working in it… I have a real passion of helping people. Take some of the to-dos off their to-do list.”


Why did you develop your Cultivating Sales System Software? (6:25)

“Most businesses have to have some systems in place, one would be an accounting system… Number two is a contact management program, number three is a way to share files and four is to do some marketing… So, what I tried to do is bring it all into one house, more or less.”


Share with us one of your best networking stories (8:30)

“When I started my app business, I didn’t know that there was someone in town doing exactly the same thing as I was. And so, when I went to a networking meeting and I saw that she has ‘Unleashed Mobile apps’ as her company. And right there I just grabbed her and said we have to talk, I want to find out how you survived the Applegetten.”


How do you stay in front of your network or community? (11:03)

“What I’m finding is that I am getting out and meeting a lot of people and then using social media and zoom meetings to continue that relationship on an ongoing basis.”



What advice do you have for business professionals looking to grow their networks? (14:45)

“I think it’s like a muscle you have to use often. I have gotten out of networking for quite a while and getting back out there again was scary and intimidating. And now I have been out the last couple of months networking a lot between a lot of different groups. And I am having a blast. It has been so much fun meeting so many incredible people, that I have forgotten the value of networking.”



Digital networking or traditional networking? (17:26)

“Traditional networking is getting out and really meeting people and having real discussion. And then the digital can add value to that.”



If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career? (19:20)

“I would tell myself to trust myself more. In the past I’ve had the tendency to think I needed someone else to be the leader. And I’m learning that I have what it takes to be the leader.”


We’ve all heard of the 6 degrees of separation… Now, who would be the person you’d love to connect with and do you think you could do it within the 6th degree? (24:00)

“Elon Musk. He is so fascinating to me because he is such a big thinker. I would love to be a fly on the wall just watching him one day, and hearing what he thinks.”


What book are you reading right now? (27:25)

“This is a book by a friend of mine Sarah Schwab. And its ‘content that dances’ choreograph your marketing message, create connections and make a difference.”


Any final words of advice for our listeners? (29:02)

“That’s just be real. Everybody is nervous even those who have been doing it for a long time. We all have our insecurities or struggling with different challenges in our business or families or whatever and bonding together just has so many benefits to it.”



You can get in contact with Melissa at:

Find her on LinkedIn and cultivatingsales.com


Email her at melissa@cultivatingsales.com