077: Focusing on the bullseye with Mike Going

About Mike Going

Mike is a recognized leader in the travel industry specializing in corporate turnarounds and top and bottom line growth. A people-oriented leader and manager, his experience has taught him to motivate team members and clearly communicate the goals and objectives that need to be accomplished. From helping to take Alamo Rent A Car from a $400m domestic company to greater than $2b in global revenues to CMO then President of Funjet Vacations, his successes are numerous. Mike brings deep experience in selling, marketing (online and offline) operations, and financial management but his greatest joys in his career has been the development and strengthening of relationships with customers, suppliers and most importantly his team.


What is the best communication advice you’ve ever received? (1:30)

“My dad at an early age told me, ‘god gave you two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.’”


What are your hobbies and what do they “do for you”? (3:35)

“Hobbies that I sort of actively pursue are those that really challenge or enrich the creative side of my brain. Because business is generally so linear.”


You’ve met a lot of successful people, have you noticed any common attributes? (6:15)

“They put the work in, and you know there is really very few shortcuts to that… I also find successful people are phenomenally resilient… These folks are passionate, joyous, grateful and positive people.”


Share with us one of your best networking stories (9:50)

“I’m in Tallahassee Florida going to college. And I show up on the opening night of this bar, and then I see a crowd of people parting like the red sea. And a tray of drinks seemingly levitating through the crowd. Well underneath that tray of drinks was the cutest women I have ever met and seen in my life….”



How do you stay in front of your network or community? (13:40)

“I envision two archery targets. One personal and one professional. They will commingle but I try to cultivate both networks somewhat differently and absolutely simultaneously. Focusing on the bullseye. The outer ring…”



What advice do you have for business professionals looking to grow their networks? (21:10)

“Be careful it’s not just growth for growth’s sake, that it’s really cultivated and curated at the same time.”



Digital networking or traditional networking? (24:00)

“I think they’re both highly complementary. And can be used and are used anywhere in that target zone… When it gets to valued relationships center of the target stuff, I do find talking to people and listening to people and dialoguing with people have the greatest value.”  



If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career? (26:00)

“In our 20s we are bulletproof, we’re indestructible, have no hindrances. It’s probably pay a little more attention to the long term. And start good habits early.”



We’ve all heard of the 6 degrees of separation… Now, who would be the person you’d love to connect with and do you think you could do it within the 6th degree? (29:00)

“Carlos Santana. Now, why Carlos Santana. He’s gifted musically, he is a very spiritual person, he is an entrepreneur, he is as relevant today as he started. He’s maintained the test of time. And I just think he would be a pretty cool guy to hang out with and learn from.”


What book are you reading right now? (33:10)

“The first one is called ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ and it is written by a guy named George Saunders, and this is about the historical reality of Lincoln losing his son at a very young age… From a work standpoint, there’s a book called ‘Deep Work’ and Deep Work is about the discipline now required to really do thoughtful work and taking away the distractions in a world that is set up to distract us.”


Any final words of advice for our listeners? (37:10)

“Have fun doing it. And that’s just good life advice. If you’re not having fun, it’s going to feel a lot like work… And then, really be authentic. There’s only one you there’s only one me.”


You can get in contact with Mike at:

Find him on LinkedIn and https://www.mpgtravelsolutions.com/


Email him at mike@mpgtravelsolutions.com