076: Personal Branding with Stacy Kaat and Min Carpenter

About Stacy Kaat & Min Carpenter

Stacy Kaat is the owner of Stacy Kaat Photography. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs create personal brand photographs that express their unique personality and style so that they can attract their ideal customers!

Stacy acquired her BFA at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and has been photographing people for over twenty years. Besides her ability to find fun in almost anything, she loves the outdoors, likes to grow food, walk her dog, kayak, converse over a good food, coffee or wine, read, collaborate and be creative anytime she gets the opportunity. 

Min is the Visual Communications Specialist at Keystone Click. She has a knack for taking ideas and putting them in visual form. Aside from her designing talents, Min loves cooking, working out, watching home improvement/DIY shows, and playing video games.


What is personal branding and what does it mean to you? (3:55)


“Personal branding to me is a combination of a bunch of things. It’s your visual presence, it’s your social impressions, how people view you and see you…what do people think about you when they see that stuff.”



“A lot of people when thinking about branding don’t think about personal branding right away… if you don’t have your own personal brand someone else will make it for you.”


What are some top tips and advice about personal branding? (6:00)


“My number one tip is to know your why, why are you doing what you do. A lot of people are in the same position as you, they do the same thing for their job everyday but makes you different.”



“The biggest thing for me is knowing how you want to be visualized. How do you want people to see you?”


Any final thoughts? (19:55)


“My most important thing is that you need to remind yourself constantly that you are the expert at what you do. And you need to be sharing your knowledge. Be the expert.”



“Is a little bit of writing every day. Because often times there are thoughts that come to my mind, very good ideas that I could share with clients, that I forget to write down.”



You can get in contact with Stacy at:

Find her on LinkedIn and http://www.stacykaat.com


You can get in contact with Min at:

Find her on LinkedIn and https://keystoneclick.com/